Featuring works by international and local artists Gemma Banks, Yu Cheng-Chou, Chim-Pom, Sasha Huber, Anibal Lopez (A-1 53167), Pilvi Takala and Johnson Witehira.

This exhibition, featuring both international and local artists, delves into the human psyche to consider how altruism, cheating, and group formation play a key role in shaping society, but not necessarily in the way we might assume. Could it be that when we cheat and lie we are not doing wrong but rather acting out instinctual aspects of innovation for the greater good? Likewise, when we claim to be altruistic by sharing, are we not aiming to personally benefit in some way?

First shown at Te Tuhi in Auckland last September, this version of Share / Cheat / Unite brings a new selection of artists together and develops certain aspects of the first exhibition. This iteration focuses on communication strategies and the manipulation of language in persuasion, coercion, and reconciliation.

Developed in conversation between The Physics Room and Te Tuhi.

2 Sept - 8 Oct

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